Heather S. Olúwọlé COTA/L, ACE Certified

Heather then received her Associates in Science in Occupational Therapy and worked with seniors in skilled nursing facilities and home care settings treating patients with a wide variety of medical and surgical issues, such as cardio-pulmonary, kidney disease, orthopedic surgeries, complex medical conditions, as well as neurological disorders and dementia. She discovered her passion for blending fitness with occupational therapy’s person-centered holistic approach to senior in-home training.

Heather has a comprehensive toolset that leads to exceptional results of improved health and wellness for her clients. She states, "I am passionate about helping adults and seniors reach their potential through highly-focused, goal-driven programs and my clients have more fun as they stay engaged with the activities they love and want to do."

Heather has lived in the Metro West Boston area for over twenty years. She and her husband raised two sons, now in their 20’s. She enjoys outdoor exercise, learning new hobbies with friends, volunteering in the community, gardening, reading, traveling and sampling new ethnic foods.